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  • 1 1- The Team
    Our success relies on our dedicated professional and experienced team, so whether it is technical, sales or services, our team is capable of handling any given task from simple queries to large assignments taking in consideration what would be the best for our clients.
  • 2 2- The Client
    Our Clients are the key of our success; we gained our clients' trust through building a strong relationship with our clients. The key elements of our relation with our clients are our ability to understand the different requirements and meeting our clients' expectations. Our current clients portfolio includes a wide range of clients of many types and sizes.
  • 3 3- The Way We Deliver
    From delivering part and equipments to site visits we seek the best methods to meet our clients requirements in a timely fashion, meeting deadlines and our quick response is what makes our clients trust us in handling their IT needs.
  • 4 4- Best Value
    We provide our clients with best value for money in the market, whether it is a purchasing decision, support contract or implementation we deliver the best return on investment to our clients.
  • 5 5- Your Peace of Mind
    We grantee you peace of mind through our outstanding after sale and technical support services, whether you purchased your equipment from us, or asked us to support your IT systems. Our technical support team is consisted of highly qualified professionals who are always ready and available to you.
  • 6 6- Have Your Say
    In our pursuit to be the best we are eager to know what our clients think of us, that's why we always welcome any feedback from our clients whether it is a suggestion, complaint or even a complement.

About AGB

Who We Are

Since its establishment in 2005 AGB has built up a valuable reputation for providing specialized IT solutions and services.

Our passion for constant improvement in providing superior IT solutions is coupled with our aim to earn the trust of, and build long-term relationships with our clients. This is achieved through, hard-work, consistent high quality level of service and highly trained enthusiastic team members.

At AGB we always take the time to fully understand your IT systems, your business and its processes as well as your exact requirements, in order to obtain maximum uptime and performance from your entire IT platform.

Our commitment to provide excellent, proactive IT services means that you will receive first-class IT support from a company that is capable, knowledgeable and flexible - whether you need us to support an existing IT infrastructure or as your complete IT Support and Service Solution provider.

Relaying on the best industry brands of major vendors in both software and hardware, our high profile clients always trust us.